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Oscar Wilde’s last words inspire us to re-imagine how powerful art can be within our living spaces ..“This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death, One or the other of us has to go” – while lying in bed at a cheap hotel in Paris.

To put it another way, Wilde expresses how a wall can ignite such a dying passion. The reality is that wallpaper has the potential to make or break a room.

Thus leave it to us as we create a multi-layered world out of our bespoke art collection.



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Art to express yOUR style

Wallpaper is an art form, and in saying that it can truly become that most favoured piece of art within a room. Before selecting an art pattern, make sure you are completely focused on capturing the idea you have envisioned. And, don’t worry you won’t have to commit to wallpaper the entire room, instead choose a space you would like to accentuate and watch that space come to life!

Your first step would be to analyse what kind of art inspires you the most and hooks you in, at first sight? To begin with; it may be some pretty looking images, materials you might find intriguing or just colours that enhance your mood. These little stepping stones will help you in envisioning that new creative space you are about to create.

The colour combinations, the moods, the lighting – these are all important aspects in designing your interior art space. And, once you get started these expressive ideas will form the basis of your chosen wallpaper art design.

Our recommendation would be to start with a mood board, as it’s the perfect first step to any art design project. In fact, this will allow you to collect your thoughts, colour schemes and moods all in one space. Consequently you should be on your way to defining a coherent concept that will piece together all those inspiring ideas into one beautiful art piece!



In essence, once you find that defining colour scheme and colour mood you are well on the way to choosing your wallpaper art.

In fact, the furniture choice is irrelevant at this point, what matters the most is the feeling your colour palette selection will be enhancing within your design. For that very reasons we don’t recommend staying inside the box, instead we recommend letting loose at this point. We consider your creative side take the lead and have a little fun showing off your personal style and defining your space as your own art sanctuary. Something you can truly enjoy for yourself and your guests!

In any case, don’t be scared to mix and match styles and textures when envisioning your final space.

Summing up, we would also hint at giving those smaller rooms a repetitive pattern that is rather clean and simple as a whole. On the other hand those larger wall spaces work best with big, bold patterns designed to act as statements within the room. Most importantly you will need to feel balanced within your space, otherwise it may just become a little to overwhelming!


Art stays close to nature

“..and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”

Vincent Van Gogh



There’s no need to play safe, instead, let the wallpaper take centre stage.

Be bold and don’t be afraid of making those big statements stand out in your art design. To clarify this a little better we would say don’t ever limit yourself to just one concept when designing your space. You will need to twist things around and spice things up by playing with lighting, furniture pieces, artworks and decorative pieces.

Consequently stick with those basic rules, and take note as when an art print becomes too small the details will become too fussy. Too large and you overpower the space. That is why getting the sizing and dimensions just right is so important within your space.

So get ready to get creative; take your time, test our products and don’t forget to mix and match a little!