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Serēn, Wallpaper Print

Handmade to order, your custom wallpaper is a unique wall covering product that you won’t find anywhere else; because you are in control of the designs.

With a 10 year guarantee and sold as either 62.5cm or 125cm wide rolls, for easy installation to fit any wall space.

When you make your own wallpaper, you can choose between 4 different papers!

Our Standard option is strong and durable with a beautiful textured matte finish.

The Luxurious Premium option has the same strength and durability, with a similar finish, while being 100% opaque. It is also pre-coated with adhesive.

The Textured options are quick and easy to apply, as you paste the wall, not the paper. It can be easily removed when dry without damaging walls, and it has a strong, tear-resistant construction.

The Self-Adhesive option can be mounted onto any surface. It retains its adhesive properties so that it can be repositioned countless times.  A unique coating which is water-resistant, suitable for indoors or outdoor use.


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  • Customised prints to breathe adventure into your interior space.

  • Natural art imagery re-designed to suit contemporary settings.

  • Our abstract Serēn print beautifully depicts a unique, and ancient pattern found within natures design. Capturing the magical essence of our natural world.

    Additional information


    We handmake your item on site, which takes on average 1-2 days. After your item has been manufactured, we ship your order and send you a dispatch confirmation via email. Please add on the production time to the delivery time to calculate when your order will be with you


    Once the material has been applied to the wall, the product is deemed accepted and cannot be claimed as defective due to variations in mounting, adhesives, handling, and local environment (including humidity, heat, weathering or mould). Once you decide to cover the wall, we cannot be held liable for the alterations to the wall that are encountered when preparing or pasting your product. It is extremely rare that anything unusual should happen, but we are here to advise if there is anything you need to discuss after installation

    Brushed Textured Wallpaper 330gsm

    Euro class B s1d0
    Class 0 / 1 BS 476 part 6/7
    M1 NF P 92501 / 92507
    B1 DIN 4102 – 01
    ABP Number: P-MPA-E-04-507
    ASTM Test-Method E84 – 15a
    Special treatment inhibits the growth of micro-organisms
    (bacteria and mould)
    Can be washed after printing with mild detergent
    and a damp cloth
    Can be used with standard heavy-duty wall
    covering adhesives – PVA
    Compliant to EN 259 –2
    Material is classified as non hazardous
    DIN 52900 or 91/155/EEG,2001/58/EC
    Certified to work when additional stain, scratch and abrasion
    resistance is required

    Self-Adhesive Wallpaper 350gsm

    Fire Certification
    ASTM E 84 – Standard Test Method for Surface Burning
    Reference: Comparable to UL 723 – Standard for Test for Surface
    Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
    (1) 2009 edition, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, para.
    (2) 2009 edition, NFPA 5000 Building Construction & Safety
    Code, para. 10.3.2
    (3) 2012 edition, International Building Code, para. 803.1.1


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