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Ancient Art & Aztec Gold

The Greek, Roman, and Ottoman influence has long been a source of enviable interior styling, and it is arguably the original, enduring style still found today. Elegant yet casual for the heat, this ancient styling offers us an intriguing glimpse into these enigmatic cultures.

The country’s deep-rooted history as both fashionable and bohemian. A cultural melting pot, which means these antique interiors can be blended with almost every other form of décor.

Whether you’re looking for Islamic or African style decorating, Italian Renaissance or Classical Greek stylisation; these all-encompass a blend that makes it the perfect place to explore new styles from any corner of the world!

Stylish Culture

Each country has often been subject to fantasy due its rich culture, as it is home for many different ethnicities living in harmony. A rich cultural history where intricate carvings and colourful fabrics are a common sight.

Colour Palettes

A regional style, that takes the colour palette from local resources and therefore it naturally works within their environment.

Using local stone and other natural materials in a project is something characteristically intrinsic of this style.

Aztec Beauty

The colours are exotic and evocative, with the country’s natural clay providing a deep fiery red colour to create an aesthetic that is rich and opulent. Terracotta pots filled with cinnamon, turmeric, saffron or nutmeg. Creating a rich earthy style that conjures images up of a past not long forgotten.

Earthy Tones & Mediterranean Hues

Fired Earth, Turmeric, Vatican Blue or Villa’s natural terracotta tones provide some colour contrast against pieces in brighter colours – often blue, green or gold.

Earth tones have been around for centuries, but they’ve never looked better. A modern take on earth tones is possible and recommended depending on the design space. Start by changing up the sheen – a mustard-orange shade of brown looks comfortable in a luxurious setting.

Concept Designs

Traditionally spaces are built around central courtyards with running water from wall or central mounted fountains. The natural timber used throughout these buildings make them aesthetically pleasing while also keeping cool temperatures during those hot summer days thanks to evaporation of moisture coming off the building materials.

Oasis Interiors

The grandiosity of exterior facades belies the warm, inviting interior spaces. The buildings are clearly a product of their Moorish heritage- peeling paint and immense doors notwithstanding– but once inside you can feel it in every last detail.

Upon entering, people are often surprised to find themselves in an oasis-like courtyard with pools and flowers lining every wall; a complete 180 degree turn for those who expect peeling paint and unwelcoming facades.

Natural Accents

Gold, copper and bronze accents have a fresh appeal when used together in a modern setting – grounded colours that feel natural.

Ancient Decor

The Antique Home


Antiques are a means to create the lived-in feeling of your home with history. You will want to pass these pieces down for generations, as they have been in many homes before yours.

Exotic Pieces

A curated collection of antique furniture, vintage home decor, and authentic treasures from exotic destinations around the world. Each piece in our beautiful collection honours the craft, history lineage, and passion of these artists who created unique pieces.


A Lost Culture

Ancient culture was rich in both texture and colour. The indigenous woods of the rain forest, gleaming jades, gold and precious stones combined with woven feathers to create intricate textiles that were used for pottery and costumes. Terra-cotta tiles paved their floors while hand carved wood cabinets decorated rooms throughout their empire.

Early objects were red and black — a deep-red fired clay painted with black lines and patterns. But the Aztecs loved brilliant parrot feathers, intense red and orange flowers, and the shifting blues of the Caribbean. Every colour was valuable for the Aztecs, but there were ten or so that had a special meaning.

  • Green jade represented fertile vegetation
  • Blue turquoise mirrored the water of rivers, lakes and seas, and the daytime sky

  • These metals were known and appreciated by the Aztecs – they linked them to the light and radiance of the Sun and the Moon