PALM trees and tropical

Tropical British Colonial Style

From India to the West Indies, the British colonised everywhere they went and in doing so left behind a blended colonial style. The tropical flavour of these homes recalls memories of a bygone era where adventure was an everyday occurrence. Combining traditional architecture with this exotic flair creates beautiful spaces that tell stories through their design as well as provide comfort for those who reside within them.

Tropical Decor

The world-inspired interiors offer travellers an escape from their ordinary lives. The leather trunks, mahogany or bamboo chairs, campaign chests and collapsible writing desks provide a place for one to unpack after returning home tired from the journey overseas. Vibrant tropical prints pair with dark stained rattan furniture as well as pure white linens which are perfect for soothing your mood, while indoor greenery cools and refreshes your space simultaneously.

Coastal Living

Chinese ginger jars, tropical indoor plants, orchids, animal prints, skins, and seashells are all collected artefacts that add trademark features into the home.

Keeping colours fresh (whites over creams and beige’s); balancing heavy, solid furniture with light, chairs and pieces; using tropical indoor plants which are oversized in foliage as well as texture. And the added subtle texture of natural jutes, raw timbers or marble to add an earthy charm.

Elegant, Exotic and Evocative

In the 16th-18th centuries, during what historians call “the age of discovery,” British colonies spread from Africa to India and across the Caribbean. This provided an opportunity for a new style called Colonialism: combining refined English interiors with exotic pieces—thus creating striking combinations that merged high culture with low.

A tropical style should feel relaxed and cozy. It transports you to an island with gentle breezes, soothing sounds of the ocean, warm sand on a secluded beach surrounded by lavish textures colours prints that remind you of lush oasis.

Colour Palette

The colour scheme of this villa is cool and relaxing with whites, light greys, and blue tones. Neutral colours in a space are calming but also provide an opportunity for contrast – dark timbers as well as contrasting textures such cane furniture or mahogany woodwork brings interest to the room while inviting natural light into the house through large windows that frame views out onto garden landscapes.

Architectural features

Backdrop of white wash walls accented shutters, rattan screens and ceiling fans

Timber floorboards with Persian, Turkish, animal hide, natural sisal or seagrass rugs.

Painted or natural timber shutters, rattan and bamboo blinds and sheer curtains.

Furniture and Fabric

Dark stained teak, mahogany or bamboo chairs, folding directors chairs, campaign furniture and chests, collapsible writing desks & trunks, four poster beds or cane bedheads.

Natural and white linens and cottons, soft furnishings in botanical, floral, stripes and animal prints. Leather seating and locally handcrafted textiles made into cushions & throws.

Decorative Art

Framed botanical prints, oil still-life, photography, maps, panoramic wallpapers, hand-woven and natural artworks of mounted baskets and shell art.

Natural and travel collected elements, old leather books, magnifying glasses, trophies, coral, shells and botanical-framed specimens.


Palms, Tropical Plants, Figs and Natural Leaves.


Antiques are generally seen as old, outdated items. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! Antique pieces can make a room feel like an art gallery with style and elegance if used in accordance with your needs.


Get creative with your tropical decorating by bringing in exterior design features. Shutters, create intriguing decorations inside and out. For large areas with tall ceilings – recreate cabanas by incorporating a hammock into your space.

Tropical Garden

Creating an outdoor room where the interior and exterior are blurred will create a beautiful flow.

Lush and Dense

Plantings should be lush and dense with lots of dark green foliage. Tropical gardens need layers, so different heights are needed as well


Possessions in a colonial home often consisted of items collected from around the world. Reminiscent of old-world travel adventures.


The design is known for its symmetry with rooms, doors, and windows arranged in relation to a central axis. This was done because it would create cross-ventilation for cooling spaces.


The colour palette of the tropics is one that can be both light and comforting, as well as dark and tranquil. Warm colours such a reds, browns, blues come from natural elements; while white often depicts sun-drenched sand.


Creating a cozy and inviting space, with many natural elements combined with stunning views through wide windows that open up to an endless exterior.